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Organic Desolation KONTAKT

Organic Desolation KONTAKT
Organic Desolation KONTAKT
DISCOVER | 08 AUGUST 2014 | 33 MB

Organic Desolation contains 27 Kontakt instruments with a cold, desolate feel. The sounds were created by greatly stretching samples taken from a kalimba, acoustic guitar, cymbal, flute, pitch pipe, zither and voice. Developed for Kontakt 4.1 and above using 32 bit float samples,these subtle textures are suitable for dark space/sea soundscapes, film scores, atmospheres etc..

The audio demo contains the following sounds:

? Alien World (created with a kalimba)
? Alien Winds and Space Drone (created with an acoustic guitar and voice)
? New Horizons and Pulse (created with a zither and pitch pipe)
? Martian Sunrise (created with an acoustic guitar)
? Lifeless Planet and Bass Throb (created with a cymbal and flute)
? Waves (created with a flute)