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Deebox Chopra KONTAKT

Deebox Chopra KONTAKT
Deebox Chopra KONTAKT
DISCOVER | 08 AUGUST 2014 | 13 MB

KONTAKT VERSION SPECS/FEATURES: Deebox Chopra is a drum rompler which features drum sounds from an iconic 80s drum machine run through a series of high quality analog outboard gear to 2? tape to add a bit of ?hiss? and extra warmth. The easy to use LCD interface allows you to choose between eight signal chains that were pre-tweaked by our engineer to bring out different tones of the recorded electronic drum kit. These presets range from clean with low hiss to gritty tape distortion with a flick of the tape distortion switch.


? 49 drum sounds, 8 different signal chains
? Recording chain used includes: 2? tape machine, DBX 160xt , API 550 eq, Pultec eq, and a Holy Grail pedal.
? Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release knobs available for further drum tweaking.
? Tape distortion switch for extra crunch added to the drum sounds.
? Tape distorted/saturated drum sounds are activated at full velocity (127) only
? The sample used in the audio preview is taken from ?Kingsway Music Library vol.1?. All drum sounds and percussion heard are from Deebox Chopra ? Preset 2 w/ tape distortion.


? Kontakt 5.3+ (Full version)