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Roland String Masters 1CD SXX-TZ7iSO

Roland String Masters 1CD SXX-TZ7iSO
Roland String Masters 1CD .SXX
Team: TZ7 | 11.30.2003 | Size: 316 MB

Another Great Strings Section Compilation. The sounds on String Masters includes Violin Sections, Viola Sections, Cello Sections, String Bass Sections and Full String Orchestra Sections. String Masters gives you all of the instruments and techniques necessary for use in any type of string orchestration. All sounds have been used in real-life professional musical situations and then fine-tuned. Although you may not need every one of these variations for your own music, we have included them because no single Patch will work for every musical situation. We ve included some Patches that may seem unusual, but each one has been tested by leading composers and orchestrators. Our goal in creating this library is to provide long-lasting, quality tools. We hope that String Sections Vol. 1 will be an inspiration to your composition and arranging.

String Masters includes:
Mono and Stereo patches; a/b/d/c Variation patches; and p through fff patches. Idiomatic playing techniques and effects includes: agitato; arco; arpeggio; fx; marcato; modwheel crossfade; muted; non-vibrato; pizzicato; pont; slow; sordino; sul pont; sym; tremolo; vibrato.

Note: Kontakt, Cdxtract can read Roland CDs
PS: it contains some solo strings, vibrato & non-vibrato