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The Steinway Stabs WAV

The Steinway Stabs WAV
The Steinway Stabs WAV
P2P | 05/08/2014 | 33.48 MB

The Steinway Stabs! The project is from a Steinway and Sons 1910 Vertegrand Piano. As a family heirloom dating back to the 1960 s, we ve now decided to put this incredible instrument out in it s most pure form. Steinway pianos have a history of fine craftsmanship and resonance. This piano still has the ivory keytops and original strings. The Vertegrand is literally their model Grand piano flipped upright. This improves overall resonance and tone which sets it apart from other upright studio pianos. If you want authentic, real, and legendary piano samples in your arsenal, look no further!

Kit Features:

Live recorded samples in 16bit .wav form of a Steinway and Sons 1910 Vertegrand Piano
Numerous playable chords including Maj and Min in various keys and inversions
Focused on more colorful chords; sus4 chords with +9 and +13 chords
Includes block chords and the arpeggiated attacks
A sound that cannot be replicated due to the natural de-tuning of certain keys inducing tones and harmonics not achievable otherwise
Most chords with root on C, but can be mapped to fit whatever key you re working in
Pair with octave bass notes for pure jazz
Samples organized by folders with key & chord info
Compatible with all major software DAWs and hardware samplers