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Volker The Funky Melodica KONTAKT

Volker The Funky Melodica KONTAKT
Volker The Funky Melodica
P2P | 2 July 2011 | NKi | 34.25 MB
60 MB Sample data recorded stereo in 44kHz/24bit, normalized and converted to 16bit for better performance additional Noise Samples.

Programming and scripting features:
* optimized for usage with Yamaha Breath Controller
* recreation of instrument-specific playing techniques
* AET Filter (3 layers) for dynamic expressibility
* customizable noise reproduction
* complex recreation of imperfect instrument behaviour
* custom flutter sound controllable via CC (puts the funk in the volker!)
* CC-Reconfiguration with "Learn"-button
* custom impulse response of the recording room
* manipulate the recording distance via one knob
* easy to use GUI with exquisitely selected parameters

Format: NKI

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