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Ajatar Kantele KONTAKT

Ajatar Kantele KONTAKT
Ajatar Kantele KONTAKT
P2P | FREE | 2011 | 405.64 MB

Kantele is a traditional plucked string instrument of the zither family native to Finland, Estonia, and Karelia. It is related to the Russian gusli, the Latvian kokle and the Lithuanian kanklės. Together these instruments make up the family known as Baltic psalteries. In Finland s national epic, Kalevala, the mage V?in?m?inen makes the first kantele from the jawbone of a giant pike and a few hairs from Hiisi s stallion. The music it makes draws all the forest creatures near to wonder at its beauty. Later, after losing and greatly grieving over his kantele, V?in?m?inen makes another one from a birch, strung with the hair of a willing maiden, and its magic proves equally profound. It is the gift the eternal sage leaves behind when he departs Kaleva at the advent of Christianity.

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