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Dread Bass Drops 2 WAV REX2

Dread Bass Drops 2 WAV REX2
Dread Bass Drops 2 WAV REX2
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 04 August 2014 | 198 MB

Dread Bass Drops 2 , the second Volume in this best Reggae series. The series returns once again with over 700 Jahlicious Reggae & Dub bass loops. The loops are available in WAV and REX formats. Dread Bass Drops 2 includes two different bass sounds, one bass is clean yet still has a strong presence and the other bass is gritty and drenched in a sub-bass overdrive personality . There are five different tempos (70 BPM, 77 BPM, 85 BPM, 90 BPM and 95 BPM) and loops were performed in a wide variety of keys. One can never get enough Reggae & Dub real bass sounds and Dread Bass Drops Vol 2 is here to satisfy all your Dubby bass cravings! Dread Bass Drops 2 will appeal to all producers looking for high quality bass loops for their Dub & Reggae tracks, but these basslines and licks will also blend just fine with other genres such as Ambient, Hip Hop, Electronica and even Dubstep.

Here s what s inside Dread Bass Drops 2 :

? 161 Bass Loops at 70 BPM (Amin, Bbmin-Maj, Fmaj-EbMaj)
? 147 Bass Loops at 77 BPM (Bmin, GMaj)
? 143 Bass Loops at 85 BPM (BbMaj, CMaj, Emin-Amin, Gmin)
? 147 Bass Loops at 90 BPM (Abmin, Bmin, Dmin)
? 145 Bass Loops at 95 BPM (Amin, DMaj, Dmin)



Need some more high quality and authentic Dubbed bass loops? Look no further, Dread Bass Drops 2 is here!