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Ueberschall Pop Charts WAV

Ueberschall Pop Charts WAV
Ueberschall Pop Charts WAV
P2P | 22 June 2011 | 738 MB

Pop Charts is the ultimate production tool for crafting on-demand chart tunes. Exclusively produced, designed and mastered by Vodovoz. Programmed and hand-played drums, divided in separate single tracks. Synths, pads, and keyboards. Basslines and guitars. Percussion and effects. Loads of inspiring and perfectly mixed material, set up for immediate application. All of the instruments, as well as the drums can be easily combined without limitation to create new compositions and arrangements.

Content / Structure:
Material is divided into 2 parts:
Part A: The construction kits (split into intro, a-part, b-part, c-part, outro) are bursting with beats, harmonies and melodies; for high-tech pop productions.
Part B: live played add-on material. The beats are divided into multi-track layers, synths, pianos, pads, basslines, guitars, percussion and effects.

Each construction kit is divided into 5 folders:

1. Complete mixes of the construction kit; intro, A part, B part, C part and outro.
2. Complete backing tracks, consisting of intro, A part, B part, C part and outro.
3. Drum mix versions of the single parts and single drum loops li-ke bass drum, snare, hh, a. s. o.
4. Instruments split up into single recording tracks.
5. Single sounds of the drum loops.

The Add-on soundbank (Pop Charts B) features a wide selection of multi purpose live material, untreated and ?as recorded?. It?s easy and fun to apply these in combination with the construction kits. The Add-on sound-bank also contains drum loops, bass, guitar, piano and synth licks. The acoustic drums come as single tracks for each instrument, e.g. bass drum, snare drum top, snare drum bottom, high-hat, ride cymbal, toms, overhead mics, and room mic. An additional snare trigger track allows to easily replace snare sounds anytime. Drums were recorded without compression or other treatment and come as dry tracks to ensure maximum versatility in any project. Drum tracks have been quantized, making them perfectly compatible with each other. Bass and guitar tracks come both as a dry version, and as an effect treated version.