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Mainroom FX WAV

Mainroom FX WAV
Mainroom FX WAV
SHIVERZ | 23/07/2014 | 1.48 GB

This pack is designed to cover all your FX requirements with falls, risers, crash FX, impacts, fills and much much more. This is your one stop shop to add the missing ingredient to your productions. So alongside the audio samples we give you 20 Massive FX presets meaning you can quickly tweak your own custom FX with ease. To try to give you even more we also include 8 FX construction kits. These are folders containing layers of FX designed specifically to go together so you can easily create spectacular build and drops with consummate ease! This is Mainroom FX....

Included in the pack:

1.48 GB Total Content 1.28 GB Audio
382 x total audio
50 x Crash FX
50 x Falls
30 x Fills
8 x FX Construction Kits
25 x Impacts
20 x Massive Presets
20 x Noise FX
50 x Risers
66 x Snares Builds
10 x Snare FX
15 x Sub Drops
3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
Booklet containing tips and tricks from the producer