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Classic Hip Hop Vol.1 WAV

Classic Hip Hop Vol.1 WAV
Classic Hip Hop Vol.1 WAV
P2P | 27 June 2014 | 25.76 MB

This drum kit features more than 300 quality sounds with that classic hiphop sound! Bring back the Boom Bap flavour with this delicious collection of handselected drums. Crispy Snares and Claps, dirty Kicks and filthy Hihats, Shakers and Percussions among Scratch samples, Vinyl Static Noise FX and miscellanious sounds are part of this very rare collection. Many of these drums have been used in famous productions for reknown artists. A ?MUST-HAVE? for hiphop producers who especially like east coast and underground hiphop and those who don?t yet.

CONTENT (this kit includes):

- 40 Kicks
- 45 Snares
- 40 Claps
- 43 Hihats
- 27 Percussions
- 22 Cymbals/Rides
- 23 Shakes
- 20 Toms
- 20 Misc. Sounds
- 10 Scratch Sounds
- 10 Vinyl Static Sounds