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The 'Dusted Velvet' Pack WAV

The 'Dusted Velvet' Pack WAV
The 'Dusted Velvet' Pack WAV
P2P | 25 June 2014 | 332.78 MB

The 'Dusted Velvet' pack features 85 Jazz Chords played on a 1980 Fender Rhodes & a 1971 Steinway Grand (includes all MIDI Files).

The pack also includes the following ' Pad Ready Instruments':

Dusted Amped Upright - Samuel Shen Bass
Dusted Jazz Kit - Gretsch Brooklyn Drum Set
Dusted Layers Kit - Boom Bap Drums
Dusted Percussion - Various Rides and Crashes from the Gretsch Brooklyn Drum Set
Dusted Rhodes Chords - 1973 Fender Rhodes (Tube)
Dusted Slap Bass - LTD Bass Guitar

Signal Chain & Instruments Used:

All recorded on an SSL AWS+ 900
Pre amps = Universal Audio 6176, Warm Audio WA12, SSL Alpha
Drum Mics = Audix Elite 8
Guitar Amps = Ibanez Wholetone, Fender Twin


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