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TEAM KRock | May 21 2014 | 987.84 MB
The Macbeth M5 is a mighty beast, in both size and sound. It's a monophonic, three oscillator, two filter, semi-modular analogue synthesizer, crafted by master Scottish synth wizard, Ken Macbeth. These synths were made to order and are now discontinued, which makes them quite rare. Even if you have a spare $5000, finding one on the second hand market can be tricky. The M5's sound is characterised by its full, rich bass, crystal high end and distinctly analog tone. Even the raw waveforms sound gorgeous with no filtering or modulation. Huge basses and leads, luscious pads, electric pianos, drums, one-shot effects, and crazy modular bleeps are all included in this pack. One of the pleasures of sampling such an instrument is being able to play it polyphonically, and believe us, it sounds amazing. The Mighty M5, sometimes raw, sometimes soft and beautiful, but always full of attitude.Audio Examples: The audio examples are made entirely with the Mighty M5 sample pack, even the drums. Some EQ was used on the song demos to help balance the various track elements, but otherwise no processing was used.

-1.5Gb of content
-4346 WAV files (24bit/44.1KHz)
-Every instrument is multi-sampled, with up to 16 velocity layers.
-108 Kontakt instruments

In six categories:
- Raw mono
- Raw poly
- Processed mono
- Processed poly
- Drums and FX
- Waveforms