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Console Strip Elite PRO 96khz For Nebula

Console Strip Elite PRO 96khz For Nebula
Console Strip Elite PRO 96khz For Nebula
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 25 March 2014 | 807 MB

About the hardware: This is a superb sampling of a channel strip that features the sound of many classic records such as those from Fleetwood Mac, Stevie wonder and many more. This is for you if you desire better separation, a ?3D? effect that makes for a dynamic performance extracting subtle depth, reducing flatness and increasing detail.

These samplings will give you very high resolution mixes.

Nebula libraries. - 27 Program Files in Freq Mode and Timed mode as well. All available in 96khz and 44.1 khz.
Five-12C Preamp (High,Medium and Low)
DI input
Line input
Five-50A mojo ( Flat, Band Pass and Wide range)
Main Output ? Standard and optional. Equivalent to the Three-25 Line driver. Perfect for master bus duties.
Full strip from Preamp/Line in through all modules to the output ( Standard, Warm, Distorted, Hot, Medium,Low and Wide range)
10 Chains where I plugged other hardware pieces prior to plugging into the console strip?s line in.
Pieces used were ? RND? 5033 EQ flat, EMI Preamp, GML? 2032 flat, Millenia? HV3 preamp, BAE? DMP Neve 1073 DI, BAE? DMP Neve 1073 DI into RND 5033 EQ Flat , BAE? DMP Neve? 1073 PRE into RND? 5033 EQ Flat, Safesound? audio P1 Preamp and finally a Vortexion solid state Preamp.

System Requirements to enjoy the whole set

1.1 Gbs free hard disk space
Modern OS
Modern CPU. My libraries will eat your power for breakfast if you use ancient architecture. Prepare to bounce down or freeze if so.
A licensed version of Nebula Pro 3.
A convolution reverb plugin.
Wvs Q-clone.