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Advanced Noise Generator KONTAKT

Advanced Noise Generator KONTAKT
Advanced Noise Generator KONTAKT
Team: SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 23 2014 | Size: 50.6 MB

Sometimes, you just can't have enough noise. For special effects, sound design, atmos, drum and percussion sounds, sweeps, etc., noise is such an invaluable tool.
Sadly, these days, noise is something of an afterthought on many synths with just one paltry selection and with today's software based synths generating it digitally, it's just not the same as true analogue noise, it's pseudo-random noise based on mathematical True analogue noise is created using a zener diode which is biased into breakdown to produce truly random noise. Another method is to use a transistor wired so that its emitter-base junction is reverse biased which does much the same as a zener diode.


It seems daft but analogue noise does have an appreciably 'weightier' quality to it than virtual analogue noise, even though they may 'look' essentially the same on a 'scope or in a wave editor. The Advanced Noise Generator provides all this and more...

Kontakt 4.2.4 full version