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Workshop Mixing by the Bundle 2011 RETAiL

Workshop Mixing by the Bundle 2011 RETAiL
Workshop Mixing by the Bundle 2011 RETAiL
TEAM DiGiBook | 26/05/2011 | PDF | English |471 MB
Include: all-presets, mixes, tracks-mono, tracks-split-stereo, tracks-stereo

The importance of plug-ins for adding and enhancing application functionality cannot be denied; they are present in every current Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) application today, giving them the power and functionality that they have today. However, they vary greatly, as they are often designed to address very specific market needs, and as a result, it is more important than ever before to have a solid knowledge of how plug-ins work. WVS PLUG-INS WORKSHOP: MIXING BY THE BUNDLE introduces readers to a variety of valuable WVS plug-ins used in mixing.

Each chapter presents them with the plug-ins in a specific bundle, detailing how they would be used in a mix. Beginning with the least expensive WVS bundle and building up to their most complete bundle, readers will build upon their knowledge with each successive chapter. Audio files and plug-in presets will be provided for download so they can literally hear the power of these tools. Whether seeking an understanding of what some of the bundles out there today can do, or looking for new ways to use the plug-ins they already have, readers will find this an invaluable addition to their libraries.


Provides versatility by addressing many different WVS Plug Ins.
Enhances learning with tips and tricks that will help users with their productions.
Offers real-world applications with professional usage examples and downloadable materials for a hands-on experience.