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AudioWarrior Axe-N-Skin REFiLL

AudioWarrior Axe-N-Skin REFiLL
AudioWarrior Axe-N-Skin REFiLL
Team DYNAMiCS | Date: Sep 2010 | 364.80 MB

With the 24-bit Elite Metal drum grooves and guitar riffs in the AudioWarrior Axe-N-Skin Reason Refill library, you can stretch, compress, EQ, and expand. Use them for lethal live backup or bloodcurdling studio creations. BPMs from 71 to 222. Each REX2 file is modifiable by up to 60 BPMs faster or slower and maps across your keyboard so it can be played like an instrument. Use the drum loops and guitar samples in Dr. REX or open and play them like instruments in Reason s NN-XT Advanced Sampler.


* Single Bass Beats
* Double Bass Beats
* Flexible Tempo | Flexible Pitch
* Create completely new arrangements & chord progressions from single loops & riffs
* More Than 300 Total Megs of Volcanic Audio
* Quick-Compose Drum Beats, Drum Loops, Drum Fills that you can sync to the Guitar Riffs
* Guitar Loops & Riffs that you can sync to the beat
* Odd | Even -Time Signatures
* Stereo-Mix allows advanced user processing, headroom, and overall control