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Red Mouse Workstation REFiLL

Red Mouse Workstation REFiLL
Red Mouse Workstation REFiLL
Irelle | 26 October 2013 | 398 MB

The Red Mouse explores worlds that have never been conquered before in Reason. Character, Atmosphere and Surprisal are the main keywords for this amazing workstation refill. Showing off the Red Mouse Workstation: Whether you are gigging on stage, underscoring a film or making beats for hip hop. The Red Mouse Workstation will bring character and atmosphere to your music and you will definitely surprise your audience. Here are some demos especially composed for Sonic Flavours by producers coming from all over the world only using sounds, patches and effects settings coming from our Red Mouse Workstation. Over 300 combinators, 250 subtractor patches, 200 malström patches, 77 reverb presets and 2000 samples are in there to inspire you to bring your music and sound to a next level. There are also over 50 inspiring rns and rps files to show you the possibilities of our Red Mouse Workstation.

Everything you might be expecting from a giant red mouse can be found in this refill:
All phat and deep. Highly usable for styles varying from jazz to trance, from drum and bass or heavy industrial to new age world music.

50+ MDP's, all new and just as spectacular as the ones you know from our Mystic Dreampads series.

Drums & Percussion
Hundreds of combinator loops, rex loops, redrum patches and almost 1500 single shots. Chinese gongs, tablas, electronic percussion, very hot downtempo loops and lots of experimental weirdos, acoustic stuff and so on. Great for just everything!

Ethnic Instruments
One of the biggest treasures in this refill. Check the Chinese Orchestra mp3! This one is a live performance on 88 keys of just only one big giant patch!

Some nice and spacy new age pianos, organs, clavinets and synthesized twinkle bells.

Based on one of our most popular and best selling products. Almost 300 new highly tweakable ReQuencer riffs stuffed into 36 combinators.

Another treasure! 35 combinators showing you all the places where our Red Mouse has been. All soundscapes are based on numerous patches and samples coming from the NNXT and the synths.

Polyphones, monophones and LFO running synths. Think retro analog, think digital, trance, electronica, progressive rock but also jazz.

Indian vocalist Raj Mohan singing 50 enchanting alaaps (improvisations) as well as some bits and pieces coming from Sarah Talks.