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Massive Synthesis eXode Reason REFiLL

Massive Synthesis eXode Reason REFiLL
Massive Synthesis eXode Reason REFiLL
Irelle | 26 October 2013 | 72 MB
eXode's gift to the Reason community...

The Massive Synthesis Refill is a collection of free refills, all conveniently gathered into one big archive, containing all of the free patches eXode have shared in the past. The Massive Synthesis Refill is massive! Over 2700 presets, conveniently sorted by device and collection/sub-category (or both).

What?s included:

- 650 Combinator Instrument Patches
- 50 Combinator Effect Devices
- 300 Malström Patches
- 400 Subtractor Patches
- 1250 Thor Patches
- 50 RV7000 Patches
- 50 Scream 4 Patches
- Drum samples from the Trance Refill

Included packages are:

Control Synthesis
Electric Bass
Frequency Modulation
Moog ReFill
Moog Tribute ReFill
Odyssey MKII
Phase Distortion
Sonic Waves*
Trance ReFill
Voltage Controlled Vol.1
Voltage Controlled Vol.2
Voltage Controlled Vol.3

Official Download Link (For owners of a Registered Version of Reason only):

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