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Urban Tech 008' Reason REFiLL

Urban Tech 008' Reason REFiLL
Urban Tech 008' Reason REFiLL
Chaos | 24 October 2013 | 3 MB

These aren?t sample loops, so every patch is easily synced with your project. They are in their simplest form for maximum tweaking, you can customize any parameter, so it really fits properly in your song. I also included some -008? Combinators to get you started on your own sound design excursions. Patches such as: -Radio Builder -Stop & Go -Stereoizer will have you building endless variations for many hot beats to come! There are also a few Combinators built from Reason?s Factory Bank, to show how to get the most out of the library you already own. The 4 .RNS Song files and the drumkit (from the audio demo) are also included.

Whats included:

- Basses
- Leads
- Synths
- 008 Radio fx & Stops


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