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Audiofile Engineering voXover v1.2.4 MAC OSX

Audiofile Engineering voXover v1.2.4 MAC OSX
Audiofile Engineering voXover v1.2.4 MAC OSX
Audiofile Engineering voXover v1.2.4 MAC OSX
Team UNION | 05/27/11 | 6.4 MB

voXover is a truly unique and modern voice-over automation utility and batch-recorder for multimedia, video game, speaking dictionary and telephone voice-response production. It was designed and built in consultation with large multimedia and video game production companies. It was created specifically for projects that require large numbers of individual audio files to be recorded without error. Typically, using a multitrack recorder for such projects is simply not productive.

Audiofile Engineering voXover v1.2.4.MAC.OSX-UNION

Simply put, voXover allows you to write or import a script and rapidly automate the recording of that script. The script can be displayed on voXover's unique teleprompter to the voice talent via your wired or wireless network. Sessions may be completely automated, completely free-form or anywhere in between. Takes are automatically created, named and annotated as configured in your script. Takes may also be filtered, sorted, organized, rearranged, renamed and exported at any time during the session.

voXover is incredibly flexible. Use voXover to create your scripts and break them up into manageable, hierarchical sections. There is no need to learn a proprietary markup language! If you already have an existing script, you can use voXover's import utility to quickly import it. voXover is document-based, so you can return to your session at any time and resume where you left off. You may change the configuration of the session at any point. When your project is complete, you can rate your takes, rename them based on properties of the session, and export them as a relevant format. You can even trim and pad your takes automatically! voXover a solution tailor-made for users of Mac OS X: elegant and easy-to-use!

Attention VoicePro X Users!!! If you have been waiting for VoicePro X to catch up with the times, you now have a solution! Priced at less than half of Voice Pro X, voXover is a great solution for Mac OS X!

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