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Streetly Tapes Vol.2 Expansion Library for M-Tron Pro

Streetly Tapes Vol.2 Expansion Library for M-Tron Pro
Streetly Tapes Vol.2 for M-Tron Pro
Expansion Library for M-Tron Pro | 623 MB

Streetly Tapes for M-Tron Pro Vol.2 is the perfect compliment to the previous Vol1 Expansion Pack and in our opinion is an essential add-on for all M-Tron Pro owners. Curated from the original Mellotron® tape archives, Volume 2 combines a mixture of rare gems and definitive versions of celebrated, legendary and renowned tones, designed to berate life into your compositions 8 seconds at a time. If you already own The Streetly Tapes Vol 1 for M-Tron Pro you will have read of the discussion that took place between GForce and Streetly Electronics which focussed around Streetly Electronics providing their original tapes for use in M-Tron Pro. To say we were excited was an understatement because, not only would this grant us access to the definitive 'tron tape collection previously available only to owners of the original instruments, during the process we would also be able to pick the brains of arguably the two most knowledgeable people on the planet, regarding all things Mellotronic.

Finally we would be able to separate myth and folklore from fact, especially given that John Bradley is the son of the late Les Bradley, who in turn was one of three brothers that ran a family business under the name Bradmatic Ltd manufacturing, amongst other things, magnetic tape heads who went on to produce the first Mellotrons.