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Intro To Jazz Guitar 3 DVD Set

Intro To Jazz Guitar 3 DVD Set
Intro To Jazz Guitar 3 DVD Set
English | DvdRip, MP4, 640x480(4:3) | 1.06 GB
Audio: MP3, 109 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Length: 03h 08min
Includes Easy Jazz Tutorial PDF and Jamtracks

Have you ever listened to a sweet Jazz Guitar Riff and thought to yourself, man that sounds sweet but I heard learning JAZZ was hours of boring theory and thousands of chords to memorize.Have you ever wished you could sit in with some Jazz guitar players kick back and play some silky smooth rhythm with them?Have you ever looked for an easy way to add Jazz to your guitar style? If are nodding your head to any of the above questions, keep reading?


The lessons covered on DVD 1 of the "Intro to Jazz Guitar 3 DVD Set" start off covering the essential building blocks of Jazz, which will allow you to play anything from Jazz standards to Progressive Rock.

You will be shown a series of amazing sounding Jazz chords which can to be utilized in any genre of music. (These chords are broken down step by step, in a fun yet simple method I use call "The Simple Chord Master Method")


DVD Number 2 in the "Intro to Jazz Guitar 3 DVD Set" covers some cool Jazz theory (Don't worry you will not have to pull out your NODOZ pills to sat awake) this info will help expand your knowledge of how to make Jazz guitar playing work for you, & also give you the understanding needed to unlock these tried and true concepts, that are used in almost every hit song that are heard in every musical genre.

Developing your musical ear is a cornerstone of improving your musicianship. These DVD's will increase your understanding of the fundamental concepts of music and chord sequences used in Jazz and all the musical styles.

The Third DVD of the Jazz set will show you silky smooth Jazz Licks that will allow you to create melodic solo's up and down the whole guitar neck. You will then apply these riffs to the various chord progressions studied in the Jazz lessons from DVD 2.

You will learn guitar solo techniques including the ultra important scales needed to apply & improvise a melody.