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Softube Effect Bundle VST RTAS AU TDM v1.0.2 OSX INTEL-XVX

Softube Effect Bundle VST RTAS AU TDM v1.0.2 OSX INTEL-XVX
Softube Effect Bundle VST RTAS AU TDM v1.0.2 OSX INTEL
Team: XVX | Date: 04/2010 | Size: 66,76 MB

The Effect Bundle consists of our three state-of-the-art Effect plug-ins....

Tube Delay
Tube Delay is a marriage between analog and digital, combining the warmth and natural compression from tubes with the features and versatility of a digital delay. The effect is perfect for fattening vocal tracks, adding slapback echo to drums or getting a gritty delay for guitars!


? 1000 ms delay
? Sync tempo to host
? Vintage style passive EQ
? Gritty feedback feature
? Tube preamp simulaton

Acoustic Feedback
Release your inner beast with the first realistic guitar feedback simulator on the market. Go from moderate and subtle to rampant and wild by the twist of a knob (or two). To break new musical ground, try inputting a synthesizer, a violin, or even your mother?s grand piano.


? Realistic simulation (physical modeling) of guitar feedback.
? Fully responsive to vibratos, bends, slides, tremolos etc.
? Simple user interface: Control amount of feedback with the Feedback knob, and the sensitivity with a Tolerance knob.
? Includes a stripped*, but extremely useful, version of the White amp from Vintage Amp Room.

Spring Reverb
Spring Reverb is an authentic spring reverb recreation that will add vintage character and grit to any audio track. It also includes novel features such as a fully automatable Shake control that will shake the virtual strings around for those thunderous spring effects, and a Tension control that tightens or loosens the springs to cover a wide range of spring reverb sounds.


? Shake control that shakes the springs around
? Tension control to shape the spring character and reverb length
? Number of spring pairs continuously adjustable from 1 to 3
? Tube driver simulation in the reverb section, with Bass and Treble

Release contains:

- Acoustic Feedback (VST/RTAS/AU) 1.0.7
- Acoustic Feedback Deluxe (TDM/RTAS) 1.0.7
- White Amp Demo (VST/RTAS/AU) 1.0.5
- Spring Reverb (VST/RTAS/AU) 1.0.4
- Tube Delay (VST/AU) 1.0.5
- Tube Delay (RTAS) 1.0.4