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SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 14 2013 | 11.98 MB

Some years ago, an old friend of mine - Dan McCullough (not to be confused with Dan, Dan, the Novachord man) - sent me some samples from a brightly coloured, 8-voice analogue polysynth, made in Japan and named after a planet (sorry to be vague but although it's perfectly kosher to sample an analogue synth, one has to be be very careful with regard to manufacturer and products names - I am sure you get the gist though!). I call it JayPea

I had a play with them in Kontakt and they sounded pretty good (I thought) so decided to put them out at a silly price to commemorate my best friend's birthday ... which is today ... August 1st ... and so that others could enjoy the sounds... and it beats me having to buy a card!

I've used the Freepacks' GUI because it's nice and simple but alarmingly flexible and there are some great sounds to be had here as I hope the audio demo proves (which used nothing but JayPea with no external processing). The GUI has two LFOs (one hardwired for vibrato, the other presented on the panel - means you can have vibrato AND slow filter sweeps), 12/24dB Octave LP / BP / HP filters, two envelopes and a modest but useful chain of multiFX comprising (as should be clear from the screen shot) chorus > phaser / flanger > mono/stereo echo and out to a convolution reverb with custom impulses.

It can do big strings and smooth pads and massive polysynth sounds with ease as well as more delicate plucky sounds - it's no slouch for basses and deep, filmic drones either. Useful in any number of musical genres.

Kontakt 4.2.4 full version