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Claps and Stacks MULTiFORMAT

Claps and Stacks MULTiFORMAT
Claps and Stacks MULTiFORMAT
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 14 October 2013 | 53.2 MB

Introducing Claps & Stacks, our ?go to? library for high-quality claps and layered stacks! Claps & Stacks offers a diverse collection of layered claps, synthetic snaps, processed machine claps, filthy lo-fi sounds, dusty noise hits, layered snare/clap ensembles and much more? Each and every sound has been built from the ground up by creatively blending multiple electronic and acoustic sound sources which have been further shaped to perfection using an array of high end outboard processers. Claps & Stacks serves up 562 cutting edge clap and percussive sounds, specifically designed to work ?straight out of the box? and mix perfectly with drum tracks in any modern genre. To add additional character, we have taken all of the processed sounds and cut them to a 12? acetate dubplate. This has been done to take advantage of the physical properties of Acetate which wears out after multiple plays.

All sounds have been re-sampled at 5, 10, 20, 30 and 35 plays with the best sounds (those with the most pleasing crackles and sonic artefacts) being re-edited and included (alongside the processed sounds) in the final library.

What?s included in the Sample Pack?
562 24-bit, 100% royalty free clap & snare samples arranged into two main sections:

Processed Claps Section
255 processed claps & layered stacks - enhanced individually on a sound-by-sound basis using our extensive collection of high-end hardware processors and sound shaping tools
71 drum machine claps recorded from iconic machines such as the TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, TR-505 Linndrum, Machinedrum, Sequential Drumtraks, Oberheim DX and more, all processed individually using a high-end, carefully thought-out signal chain
63 layered claps including complex acoustic blends, creative electronic clap ensembles and much more
56 synthetic & noise claps ? processed analogue synthesizers, obscure granular claps, sound design layers, glitch claps and much more
40 lo-fi claps ? gritty, twisted and filthy claps, layered and processed through a selection of our favourite lo-fi samplers and processors including an Oto Machines Biscuit, EMU SP-12, Akai S950 and various analogue filters and sound shaping boxes
25 snare & clap layers ? finely crafted snare drums blended with multiple clap layers

Vinyl Claps Section
307 24-bit Vinyl processed clap samples recorded via a classic Neumann VMS 70 vinyl mastering lathe
Identical in folder structure to the processed claps section, the vinyl claps folder includes all of the ?processed? claps bounced through Vinyl (sometimes with multiple variations) for added character, tone, warmth and punch!

Drum Kits

The drum kits folder contains 10 chromatically mapped sampler patches for each format using both the processed and vinyl processed claps taken from each folder.
Battery 3 ? 10 kits
Halion ? 10 kits
Kontakt ? 10 kits
NN-XT ? 10 kits
SFZ ? 10 kits