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The Studio SOS Book by Paul White PDF

The Studio SOS Book by Paul White PDF
The Studio SOS Book by Paul White PDF
The Studio SOS Book by Paul White PDF
Team LiBER8 | 2013 | PDF | 304 Pages | 16 MB

Professional studio design is a specialized science, with more than a touch of "black magic" thrown in. Over the past few years, Sound on Sound magazine has made one trip each month to a reader?s studio. These visits have demonstrated that it is fairly simple to make a huge improvement to an untreated project-studio room, without spending a fortune. However, they?ve also proven that beginners? attempts at DIY acoustic treatments often cause more problems than they solve.

Utilizing knowledge from dozens of visits to readers? home and project studios, the SOS team imparts easy-to-understand, organized troubleshooting advice. Learn how to rid yourself of monitoring problems and get an accurate monitoring system, how to enhance the sound of your recording space, and how to perfect your instrumental and vocal recordings. Decrease the time you spend re-recording and mixing, simply by improving your room with advice from the guys who have seen it all when it comes to make-do small studios. Contains:

A structured look at the problems that most often plague small studios, with individual studio case studies addressing each issue
Real solutions that you can both afford and implement; no thousand-dollar investments or idealized studio designs that don?t work with your space!
Case studies that look at small studios? specific problems, with additional break-outs tips that address quick fixes to common problems

Author Bio
Paul White is Editor-In-Chief of Sound On Sound. Trained in electronics, he has been recording music since the 1970s. He also performs and mixes live gigs, and is the author of a number of music recording textbooks.

Hugh Robjohns is the Technical Editor at Sound On Sound. Trained at the BBC, he has lectured at the Corporation's technical training centre and continues to deliver specialist training to broadcast organisations around the world.

Dave Lockwood is the Editorial Director of Sound On Sound. Formerly a professional musician and studio engineer, he is also a best-selling artist at the guitar-tuition website

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